real self defence that addresses the freeze reaction: taught by a trauma survivor & jiu jitsu black belt - available online

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...from a survivor's perspective...

Hey - my name is Arizona and I'm the founder of Self Defence Project and lead instructor too. 

I started this social enterprise after I went through my own experience of trauma despite significant martial arts experience. Even with all my physical "capability" I still had a freeze reaction.

I went on a huge research journey after that happened to me - trying to understand WHY and learn how to not be victimised again.
Along the way I became very interested in coercive control - a kind of control that isn't neccessarily enforced through physical violence yet is extremely powerful. To go deeper, I got a job in frontline Domestic Abuse Support Services and began volunteering at my local Rape Crisis Centre. 

I also became very interested in trauma as a means to overcome my PTSD.  
All of this influences the self defence message I'm hoping to share widely. 

My mission is to help people overcome their vulnerability through the powerful, transformative vehicle of TRAUMA INFORMED self defence - no matter their mental health or trauma :)

Self Defence Project specialisms:

  • Trauma informed: Self defence that addresses the freeze reaction, specifically designed to help you recover from or at least manage PTSD, as well as strategies for reducing the likelihood of developing PTSD. Yes this is possible - check out THE BODY KEEPS THE SCORE By TRAUMA SPECIALIST DR. BESSEL VAN DER KOLK.
  • Restraint escapes: I am among the top female grapplers in the UK. Restraint escapes are my strongest physical knowledge area. I am very experienced in getting technical information across to beginners.
  • Self defence psychology: In trying to understand my freeze reaction, I uncovered a whole universe of "mental" concepts with great relevance to self defence, including "managing the panic response", "coercion tactics", and "overcoming people pleasing".
  • Habits focus: This course is designed to establish positive self defence habits which lead to you BEING good self defence, everyday, Not just expecting to remember singular techniques on the most difficult day of your life.
  • Self value: Not applicable for a street mugging per se, but in terms of situations with people we know, self value has a very important role to play. You will be very impressed with this section of the course - it's always everyone's favourite.

What's inside the course?

Reclaim Your Power: Home Self Defence Course is a highly interactive, self study course featuring games, test scenarios, DIY training equipment tutorials with every day household items and more! The course addresses self defence in your actual home environment - very worthwhile. 
The course can be completed with or without a training partner and no previous experience or fitness is required at all. 

Self Defence Project's Gold Standard Online Self Defence Course,
comprehesively covering the mental and physical aspects of
realistic, trauma 
informed self defence.

- from someone who's been there and researched, tested and taught
the **** out of trauma informed self defence.

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